Zeki Parallel | Held from Behind | I'm with You

Like beautiful wings, always stick behind me.
The ordinary me becomes an angel in your arms.

[04th Night, 15th Night, 18th Night, and 93rd Night]
matsuky1407 asked:
senpai~! I really really really love your zeki parallels. I hope you'd also make something for the zeki bites scenes please~^^

mine-b replied:

Senpai? QuQ *turns into a giggling idiot* aRGH NOT COOL FOR A SENPAI.

Thank you! I’m glad you like them! It means a lot for you to say that. I can do the bite scenes, yes. Please have patience with me, though. I swear, I’m the slowest editor ever. But I will get to this edit, I promise. :D

Anonymous asked:
zero’s bloody rose and yuki’s bloodsucking butterfly parallel? Butterflies are attracted to flowers so a bloodsucking bfly would be drawn2 bloodyrose. Matsuri hino had zero state he was the master of BR now and also kaname’s familiar is a bat or black wolf associated with darkness which doesn’t go with yuki’s familiar. Yuki’s butterfly represented how she preferred light over darkness (radiant zero over dark kaname/zero being her preferred direction) so zero as bloody rose to yuki's butterfly :)

mine-b replied:

Omg I love you, anon.

I can’t believe I forgot about this parallel even though I started cleaning images of Yuuki with artemis and her butterflies. orz [Zero with bloody rose and his vines aaaaa] I will for sure do this edit right away. ♥ Thank you for your lovely message, reminding me of this perfect parallel!

[And yes, how could radiant Zero not be your preferred direction :P]


The Princess takes care of her Knight Set [1/?]


The time we spend together will always be my favorite. 
It'll always be treasured.


There was a time four years ago.. 
when Yuuki patted my head until I fell asleep. 
Four years ago, when i met Zero, he was hurt... 
I wanted to cherish him. Yes.. he's precious to me. 

After looking at Zero and Yuuki’s almost kiss and their two actual kisses, I was filled with so much fangirly love that I had to write this down~~~

Did anyone ever take notice to the way Yuuki’s eyes change? With their almost kiss, Yuuki’s eyes start out wide in surprise, then lower slightly during their actual first kiss, then at the masquerade she just gives him her all and I’m in heaven.

Then I look to Zero’s hands… and they seem to go lower each time. Starting out in her hair/upon her cheek, his hands then go to her shoulders, then at the masquerade he is now around her waist. [aswedrftgyhujik]

ANOTHER THING I took notice of is how Zero’s head is tilted to the right in the first kiss attempt, then in their real first kiss his head is tilted to the left, then in their second kiss his head is tilted to the right again… and and and-


Zeki Parallel | Love in Bloom | Progression of a Kiss

Eyes slowly flutter to a close...
As lovers' hearts begin to move closer.

[25th Night, 46th Night, and 87th Night]



  • h-o-d-z said: my god i just atought about you and here you are. <3


Hoda! ♥ That’s because we’re totally connected, duh! ♥♥

No, but seriously, sorry for always disappearing. I’m a butt. :C

NO! Don’t worry, it’s normal lol we have and actual life better not spend it on tumblr  um I just NEED to know you’re ok.

Yes, yes! I’m okay. :D I’ve just been busy and lazy and have had my time drained away by friends/family, so don’t you worry! *hugs* ♥

Btw, I’m caught up on the Noragami anime. I’m going to read the manga soon as I heard the manga is very different, but yeah… I’m on the Yatori ship along with you now. *falls over from feelings*

Zeki Parallel | Shared Life | Just like Them

"Juuri, we've lived a long time. It's been more than enough.
We were always together, I was happy." - Haruka to Juuri

"You love me, that's all that matters. I'm really happy
that I was able to meet you, Yuuki." - Zero to Yuuki

[38th Night and 94th Night]
Anonymous asked:
will you be doing more parallels?? can i ask for something?

mine-b replied:

Yeah, I’ll do more! I just finished the second one so I’ll post it right after this. Sorry, anon, my posts are becoming erratic again… I actually think that’s just my default posting style though… *cough*

And of course! I’m open to hearing anything you have to say and/or ask! VK parallels have always been fun for me to think about. Zeki centric parallels are of course the most interesting. I’d love for you [or anyone reading this] to send me any ideas you may have as that’d probably be very helpful to me in the long run.

Thanks for the ask. :D

Zeki ParallelYuuki's Memories | Smiles from the Heart

[47th Night and 87th Night]


Happy Valentines Day Hoda! Wanted to give ya something colorful and sparkly. ♥ It was an honor being your Secret Admirer. :3 


“I loved her, not for the way she danced with my angels…
But for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.”
Happy Valentines day, Hoda-chii! ♥ I hope you have a great day filled with radiance. ;3


When I turn around, he cups my face in his hands and he kisses me so deeply that I don’t know who is breathing for [whom], but his mouth and tongue taste like warm honey. I don’t know how long it lasts, but when I let go of him, I miss it already.

A Zeki “edit”(quite plain, I’m sorry ;_;) and fanmix for imaginarylights. Happy Valentine’s Day, you lovely girl! 

i. hurts - stay // ii. parachute - kiss me slowly // iii. plumb - taken // iv. trading yesterday - she is the sunlight // v. red - pieces // vi. 12 stones - it was you // vii. girl named toby - holding a heart // viii. breaking benjamin - without you (accoustic) // ix. landon austin - safe and sound (feat. ellie swisher) // x. vienna teng - gravity // xi. chris daughtry - home


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