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I would never leave you if given the choice.
Anonymous asked:
Did you know the manga hasn't ended and that the 19th book is coming out October 7th, 2014 and that rumors of season three are still happening?

mine-b replied:

Anon! Yup! I’ve preordered the limited edition already. :D And you know, me being the avid Zeki fan that I am, I’m especially looking forward to having the extra chapter/mini artbook in my hands. Aaaaaaaaa. image

Oh, but sadly, I’m not sure the third season is ever going to happen. Rumors have been circulating ever since the second season ended. It’s unlikely, but it’d be interesting to see how they make up for stuff they flubbed in the animation [Zero and Yuuki’s kiss, Zero’s powers, Yuuki not dwelling on her feelings more/lack of insight into her character, Ichijou and Sara, the Night Class leaving with Kaname, and oh too many things I can’t remember]

Regardless Anon, I’m looking forward to all upcoming releases and news as well. :D I can’t wait~

Anonymous asked:
Tbh I don't ship Zeki (Yume shipper here) but I understand it now and I don't hate it as much as I did when I was in the VK fandom and I already respect some of the shippers even though I haven't talked to them since I'm shy.

mine-b replied:


Awwww, Anon. ♥ *hugs* It’s so heartwarming to know you respect some of my shipmates hehe. They are all adorable and worthy of admiration. I love them all, so your words touch me deeply. ♥ It’s okay if you still don’t ship Zeki, but the fact that you understand why it is shippable is completely adorable to me. n///n

Thank you for the positive message, love, this was definitely a nice surprise to return to. :DDDD


Zeki Meme → Eight Tropes
I hear your voice in my sleep at night
Hard to resist temptation
Because something strange has come over me
And now I can’t get over you


Chapter 93.5 of Vampire Knight was called “Life”

Kiryu Zero’s name contains the kanji “Life” (the ryu in Kiryu)

coincidence or is Hino trying to conclude with another canon Zeki fact ;)

[PFFT] Wait a Minute [Anti-Yume]

Are there still Yumes trying to say that Yuuki gave Kaname HER heart at the end of the story? Even though Matsuri Hino expressly stated in the extra chapter that Yuuki would sacrifice her life to return HIS heart to HIM when the furnace was no longer needed?


Are there still Yumes trying to say that it was HER baby girl she was imagining Kaname with when she was on Zero’s lap? Even though direct Japanese-to-English translations have Yuuki saying, “with A CHILD” [no relation specified].


Not to mention that by the time she imagined the scene with ol’ Kaname in a rocking chair, she had already said that HER child is NO LONGER a child, much less a baby…


Seriously, have they completely blocked all of this from their memory?

And are these SELECT Yumes still trying to say that the tragedy in VK was Yume NOT being together? I think we can all agree that their relationship was already a tragedy in itself, separation at that point could only bring good things [which it did].


If you want to talk about the drama of someone being without the one they love, why not consider Yuuki’s separation from Zero? Their brilliant chemistry together was as clear as day to all, even Kaname Kuran saw their radiant blooming love. Oh, but I suppose anything that highlighted the way Kaname made Yuuki lose her smile with the use of guilt trips and threats to keep her from seeking out her lovely kindhearted knight wouldn’t be very flattering when conversely, being kept apart from the dark king was what actually allowed Zero to SAVE and PRESERVE her smile [yeah, you get my drift].

VK is listed as a tragedy, drama, AND romance. All the deaths of parents, siblings, loved ones, as well as hunters and vampires alike, each character in-story experienced a tragedy by losing someone. And yet SOME people in the Yume faction don’t seem to understand that tragedy doesn’t BECOME the story.

Tragedy is NOT the love theme.


Matsuri Hino’s LOVE THEME of, “If you want to hurry, go slow,“ is Zeki’s DESTINED love — breaking away from the tragedies of their parents, the suffering of drama, the joy of experiencing a thousand years of life together as lovers — they fulfilled VK’s romance as well as Hino‘s “PREFERRED” love [Yuuki‘s “preferred direction”].


So if you want to play dumb and say Zeki’s love “came out of nowhere,” I’ll assume you literally skipped every scene that involved Zero and Yuuki together [or twisted events in your mind to suit your needs to such an extent], because Zeki is pretty much the ONLY couple in VK that was developed extensively by Matsuri Hino. The way they were matured from being strangers to friends, enemies to allies, and finally coming together after much thought was put into the nature of what had flowered in their hearts for each other. Zero and Yuuki’s love was given reason at every angle, and we saw where and why trust and understanding was built. The desire to love the other existed inside both of them from the beginning, but we were shown with thorough care how it grew.


If you want to talk about a relationship that “came out of nowhere,” I’d offer up Yume as a candidate. They were engaged in one night, and later Yuuki would admit that she didn’t even know who Kaname really was after spending a year with him!

To be perfectly blunt, Yume have nothing on Zeki when it comes to having a wonderful development.

TL;DR, if you can’t fangirl your ship without trying to bring down another, be prepared to have much of the same treatment returned to you. I try to not even bring up how bad I think Yume/Kaname is unless I’m returning a favor [such as now] because in my opinion, if you have to satisfy yourself by posting unfounded hate in the opposing ship’s tag, if you have to sink to such low levels each time you come back from a VK hiatus to post about your “dark” and “tragic” ship just so you can get a reaction, well… perhaps YOUR SHIP TRULY HAS SUNK.


Just a thought.

[And honestly, this is an actual shame since both Zekis and Yumes were doing their own fangirl thing for a while there. But alas, a few rotten apples will spoil the batch.]

Just watch the morning sun shine down 
Shining down just as dazzlingly as you 
I think my eyes got lost in it. 
Only now i cry cry cry


Dorks of Cuteness 



For you, I will by  Glistening Teardrop 

Broken Glass by  Aingealis 

My Scarlet Letters by  earthlyXangel

Three of my favorite currently active Zeki fanfictions. :) If there’s anymore I’ll add to my list. 

Ask me: Vampire Knight Edition


YUUKI CROSS: What is your greatest regret?

ZERO KIRYUU: Name someone you can’t live without.

SAYORI WAKABA: What’s your best/strongest feature/trait?

SHINDO NADESHIKO: Describe a time you got into trouble.

HANABUSA AIDOU: What is the oldest item you own?

TAKUMA ICHIJOU: Describe a vivid dream you have had.

KAIN AKATSUKI: What traits are you most attracted to?

RUKA SOUEN: If you could predict the future, what would you do with that knowledge?

RIMA TOUYA: What is one quality you admire most in others?

SHIKI SENRI: Favorite/secret guilty pleasure.

MARIA KURENAI: Have you ever been to a hospital? Why?

SEIREN: Can you keep secrets? Describe a time you didn’t.

KAIEN CROSS: Describe a time you fell in love.

YAGARI TOGA: Has anyone close to you passed away?

KAITO TAKAMIYA: Do you prefer to be with those who are younger or older than you are?

ICHIRU KIRYUU: Do you have a grudge against anyone?

JUURI KURAN: Name the most important moment in your life that has happened up until this moment.

HARUKA KURAN: Mention one goal. When you hope to accomplish it?

RIDO KURAN: What is your biggest obsession?

KANAME KURAN: If you could go back and change one thing in the past without any consequences, what would it be?

HOODED WOMAN: What is your biggest fear or worry?

SHIZUKA HIO: What is the one cause that you feel most passionate about?

SARA SHIRABUKI: Would you want to know the exact day of your death?

WHITE LILY: Who is the one person that helped to make you who you are today?


A Hint of Zero Kiryuu

His Uniform + Jacket + Tie + Shirt + Vines + Bloody Rose


The Princess takes care of her Knight Set [4/?]

Favorite Fashion: Whatever [Likes whatever Yuuki chooses for him ♥ ]


The Princess takes care of her Knight Set [3/?]

I can feel.. the pain that your hiding. 

elise white